Save the bees,
save the planet


The Earth is getting sick and more and more biodiversity tends to disappear. It is time to change and do something concrete to safeguard our planet. For this User Group has decided to take on a new challenge and has become “bee-friendly“. These small insects do important work for our ecosystem and ensure the survival of the human species.​

In recent decades, their number has steadily decreased due to the increasingly massive use of pesticides, the loss of habitat, the spread of parasites from other environments. Even the prejudice that men sometimes have towards them risks further aggravating the situation.

Adopting a beehive means preserving in the most concrete and immediate way possible a population of bees, precious pollinators and generous human allies.​


Plants and Vegetables

wild flowering plants
need polinators

of plant species occurs
through animals pollination

Food production

of european food production
depends on pollination

of the main agricultural crops benefits from pollination by animals in terms of production, yield and quality

Fonte: ISPRA


Adopted beehives

Protected bees

Pollinated flowers
per day

The adoption of a beehive and the preservation of bees guarantees the existence of the human species and many agricultural products.​


User Group has chosen to make its contribution by adopting the first company hive. This will allow us to be the first in the field on an initiative we strongly believe in and allows us to make sustainable gifts to our team of people at the end of the honey season.​

​ In addition, for each company that joins our network, at the same time as the contract, UG will undertake to adopt a Beehive. ​ The new hives that will be adopted will take the name of User Group hives, together with the name of the company with which the collaboration took place.​

A unique opportunity for our partners to take part in the change.​